Song Tao Paris


Modern Fossils – Song Tao
17th - 26th February 2015
Chinese Cultural Center in Paris

An exhibition curated by Morgan Morris for the occasion of the 2015 Chinese New Year, supported by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

Song Tao, "Osseus" 2014

Song Tao is one of the most talented and influential contemporary designers in China today.

In 1993, after receiving a Master's Degree from the Beaux Arts in Paris, Song Tao returned to China to concentrate on his creative process and quickly became a leading figure in the field of contemporary Chinese design. His experience abroad brought an open quality to his creative vision that fluidly bridges the esthetics of East and West.


His practice engages the territory of contrast between Chinese ancient philosophywith that of the western sleek contemporary attitude. Building a constant dialogue between European minimal culture and oriental craftsmanship, the final result is design that has function without obligation. 

Famous for his design objects as a hybrid of international values, his works evolve towards sculpture or calligraphy in space and are often characterized as the essence of “understated elegance” perfectly balancing ancient fengshui elements and cutting edge contemporary sensibilities.


Song Tao’s playfully invents a vocabulary with which to evoke the palpable contrast between past and contemporary China. His work clearly raises the question: How can this re-activation of codes from the past rejuvenate the hybrid story of an evolution in identity and the process of assimilation of new esthetic codes in the present?