Collectibles Hall 2015


The Collectible Design Hall at Design Shanghai 2015
Bertram Whitford
Blue Shanghai White
Carpenters Workshop
Concavo-Convex Furniture
David Gill Galleries
David Gill Galleries presents Zaha Hadid for Citco
Design MVW
Fine Furniture Maker
Four O Nine
Gallery All
John C Taylor
Long Ji Zao Ban
Louise Alexander Gallery
Marcel Wanders for Cristofle, Baccarat and Personal Editions
Method Studio
Paere Dansk
Persian Classic Carpets
Peter Linnett

Shun Art Gallery
Purejade by Ana Fatia & Andre
X+Q Art
Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art

27th - 30th March 2015
Shanghai Exhibition Centre

The Collectible Design Hall at the 2015 edition of Design Shanghai curated and directed by Morgan Morris from Perfect Crossovers offers a platform to explore the realm of limited edition design and its position at the intersection of the worlds of art and design.


Collectible Design work is produced in extremely low quantity usually less than ten pieces of very high quality, pushing its concept and artistry to the fore and revealing the essence of “collectability”: preciousness and rarity.

The hall showcases the highest level of global artistry and design, presenting extraordinary one-off pieces as well as limited edition works from international designers by renowned galleries.


“The bridges between east and west have laid the foundations of life, cultural exchange and philosophy for over 5000 years.

The Collectible Design Hall at Design Shanghai aspires to encourage dialogue between designers within this extremely global and cosmopolitan context that the city of Shanghai provides. We hope that this exchange of knowledge will inspire future generations to continue building creative bridges.”

Morgan Morris, Curator and Director of the Collectible Design Hall


Guo Bin, "Feathers", Xing Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art

Zhang Zhoujie "OBJECT#SQN1-F2A" series, Gallery All

Marcel Wanders for Christofle, Baccarat and Personal Editions "One-Minute Delftware" series

 Zaha Hadid "Liquid Glacial" in collaboration with David Gill Gallery

Arik Levy "Skin Louis XV", Louise Alexander Gallery